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Uncommon wisdom to maximize small business valuation


Hallmark Capital has facilitated successful deals that have maximized midsize and small business valuation across dozens of industries. That record of success comes from our personalized process combined with the creativity and deep expertise of an experienced investment banker.

What makes us unique? Only Hallmark:

  • Engages a few clients at a time, ensuring each the most thorough job — and successful outcome
  • Provides personal attention, commitment, and resources
  • Crafts a highly individualized plan, employing creative thinking and applying novel methods
  • Recognizes and responds swiftly to critical moments that represent uncommon opportunities
  • Spends the time and takes the risks; immersing ourselves in your company, finding and positioning its unique assets, both real and intangible
  • Focuses only on those actions that achieve the greatest midsize and small business valuation
  • Presents this heightened business value in the most compelling fashion to your buyers, investors, or lenders

Frankly, I don't know how Hallmark Capital was able to get such a high valuation for this company.

Company’s Attorney,
Specialty Catalog/Retailer