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Why Hallmark Services Merger and acquisition Case Studies





Let Hallmark help realize the opportunity in your business.  You’ve worked hard to build and grow your assets.  We’ll work just as hard to exceed your expectations for their value.

Only Hallmark combines multiple investment banking disciplines, such as business merger and acquisition assistance, in a single source. We specialize in providing the deep expertise of a large investment banker to small, midsize, and family-owned companies that are not well served by brokers.  We handle the details while you remain free to continue essential operating and management responsibilities. Our unique ability uncovers the power, value, and potential of your business and translates it into financial objectives and strategic transactions.

Hallmark offers a broad portfolio of services designed to help you sell a business, buy a business, raise capital, or identify strategic growth opportunities.

  • Investment banking services. We identify your business’ true value, raise capital, develop the best solution, and shepherd the process to a successful conclusion.
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Business liquidation
    • Debt and equity financing
    • Value enhancement programs
    • Private placement
  • Financial analysis. Hallmark conducts proactive, creative analysis (carried out by our principals, not inexperienced associates). We find the best opportunities for heightened valuation and rapid business growth.
    • Industry research
    • Equity analysis
    • Valuation studies
  • Strategic positioning. We explore the most optimal ways to improve your position in chosen markets.
    • Marketing
    • Competitive positioning
    • Partnerships and alliances
  • Business development. We find new ways to add value and growth.
    • Infrastructure development
    • Business and financial improvement plans
  • Advisory services. Clients report our uncommon wisdom and insight at critical points has changed the course of their companies.
    • Personal advisor to the CEO/owner
    • Project-oriented advise and counsel
  • Interim management services. In a crisis, we can assume necessary management functions until a transaction is completed.
    • Management insight, evaluation, and best practices
    • Guidance on board composition and operations
    • Interim COO/CFO management
    • Human resources & executive management direction
  • Persuasive communications. We give your diverse audiences the best possible impression of your business, for optimum impact in achieving full value.
    • Presentation development
    • Public relations
    • Investor relations

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I am excited about building the business and now, thanks to your efforts, we have the financial and professional means to do that. I can't wait to start the next phase of the business. I am looking forward to many more shared experiences with you. Again, a sincere thank you for all of your amazing efforts.

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