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Hallmark offers a broad portfolio of investment banking services that go far beyond the capabilities of small business marketing brokers.  Every day we hear business owners ask:

  • What is the value of my business in various scenarios?
  • How/where do I find capital inexpensively to grow my business in the building stage?
  • How can I keep my business while taking money out along the way?
  • What should I do to take my business to the next level?
  • What are my options for growth, value creation, and financial success?
  • How do I escape from daily operations yet keep control and trust management to others?

We help you seek answers to these challenging questions by undertaking a Strategic Options Review. This preliminary assignment explores your financial profile; identifies your options; assesses sale valuation or financing opportunities, and determines your company’s flexibility to pursue internal or external growth.

Then, at your discretion, we can move on to a limited-term assignment that might include:

  • Investor/corporate presentation
  • Focused project advisory
  • Business plan/financial model
  • Marketing development plan
  • Competitive research/analysis
  • Web strategy and implementation
  • Interim management (CFO/COO)

The outlines of successful valuation and strategic alternatives often emerge during one of these efforts.


I feel like a 100 lb. weight has been lifted and I truly appreciate all your efforts that made that happen. It is a strange feeling, to know you can actually spend time growing your business and not worrying.

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